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Our Meat Subscription Box is the perfect choice for meat lovers who want to experience the highest quality meats delivered right to their doorstep. We source our meats from Hawaii, offering unique options like venison that you won't find easily. Our commitment to stewardship means that we prioritize ethical and sustainable farming practices. You can choose between select gourmet cuts or a family box to ensure that there's something for everyone in your household. With our Meat Subscription Box, you can elevate your meals and taste the difference in every bite.


SKU: 0011
  • Hapa Market and Grill offers local meats provided by Makana Provisions Meat Co. As part of their efforts they also offer select meats harvested by Native Cultural Practitioners. Box includes 4 lbs. ground beef, 4 lbs. Beef stew meat, 3 lbs. kalbi ribs, 2 lbs, thin cut sirloin, 2 (8 oz.) new York Steaks.

  • Hapa Market and Grill has a strict no return or refund policy once you leave our establishment.

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